Impact of hurricane katrina

Satellite photos of New Orleans taken in Marchthen on August 31,after the levee failures.

Effects of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans

It is also difficult, in the absence of baseline data, to account for variability in adaptive functioning among survivors. The aftermath of Hurricane Katrina was characterized by extensive reporting of looting, violence, shooting against rescuers, murder and rape. The city was going to be uninhabitatable longer and longer.

It is estimate that around 1. In Plaquemines Parish, an official described those remaining behind as "gambling with their own lives. Clean Up The clean up for Hurricane Katrina is still on going. A lot of water flooded the city and some areas that were flooded near New Orleans are still under water.

Overall, more than 1, people lost their lives as a result of Hurricane Katrina. Moreover, as many as half of survivors show resilience in the face of loss and trauma, displaying little or no grief beyond the first few months Bonanno, Outbreaks of West Nile, mold, and endotoxin levels rising were the biggest concerns.

When the waves and storm surge hit the coastline, the structures along the coast in Mississippi were completely destroyed and further inland experienced catastrophic flooding. Many telephones, including most cell phones, and Internet access were inoperable because of line breaks, destruction of base stationsor power failures, even though some base stations had their own back-up generators.

Damage to buildings and roads[ edit ] An aerial view of the flooding in part of the Central Business District. Many people who did not were unable to for medical reasons or had limited access to transportation. Many neighboring areas and parishes also called for evacuations.

By September 4, a temporary communications hub was set up at the Hyatt Hotel in downtown New Orleans. Nullam nibh neque, consectetur vel, iaculis vitae, volutpat et, mi. Beyond the physical devastation, the hurricane led to elevated health and mental health difficulties among survivors Galea et al.

Limited commercial passenger service resumed at the airport on September 13 and regular carrier operations resumed in early October. Lower unemployment in The prevalence of probable serious mental illness doubled, and nearly half of the respondents exhibited probable PTSD.

The concern that people were going to get sick because of contaminated food or water also weighed heavily on people's minds. Hurricane Katrina was one of the worst natural disasters in U.

The most important export is the petroleum products that are mined in the Gulf of Mexico. In addition the structures caused subsidence of up to 8 feet 2. Preliminary reports indicate that the official death toll, according to the Louisiana Department of Health, was 1, people.

In that event, the wind was predicted to come from the north as the storm passed, forcing large volumes of water from Lake Pontchartrain against the levees and possibly into the city.

However, as it had only just weakened from Category 4 strength and the radius of maximum winds was large, it is possible that sustained winds of Category 4 strength briefly impacted extreme southeastern Louisiana.

These prisoners were kept in conditions that included a portable toilet and military issued mealsbut excluded a mattress or cot.

Effects of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans

In the aftermath, a tourist asked a police officer for assistance, and got the response, "Go to hell, it's every man for himself.

Nullam nibh neque, consectetur vel, iaculis vitae, volutpat et, mi. Hurricane Katrina Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast region of the United States, contributing to the loss of nearly 2, lives and displacing approximately 1.

Local television stations, and newspapers moved quickly to sister locations in nearby cities. That year Congress passed the Flood Control Act of which, among other issues, gave authority for design and construction of the flood protection in the New Orleans metropolitan area to the United States Army Corps of Engineerssubject to cost sharing principles, some of which were waived by later legislation.

While some criminal acts did occur, such as the emptying of an entire Walmart[44] many reports were also exaggerated, inflated, or simply fabricated. After Hurricane Katrina, between May and March For example, responses to retrospective questions about pre-disaster social support or living circumstances could be colored by post-disaster experiences.Katrina re-intensified into a hurricane on Aug.

26, and became a Category Five storm on Aug. 28, with winds blowing at about mph ( kph). The storm turned north toward the Louisiana coast. impact of Hurricane Katrina on New Or-leans, it is important to assess the impact of the economic forces driving the city.

In making this assessment, two approaches of-fer insights. The first approach, which occupies the next section and to which the analysis returns. The impact and aftermath of Hurricane Katrina led to one of the most severe humanitarian crises in the history of the United States.

In addition to the over 1, fatalities caused by Katrina over. The purpose of this study was to document changes in mental and physical health among low-income parents exposed to Hurricane Katrina and to explore how hurricane-related stressors and loss relate to post-Katrina well being.

The prevalence of probable serious mental illness doubled, and nearly.

Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina made its second and third landfalls in the Gulf Coast region on August 29,as a Category 3 hurricane.

On Monday, August 29 area affiliates of local television station WDSU reported New Orleans was experiencing widespread flooding due to breaches of several Army Corps-built levees, was without power, and that there were several instances of catastrophic damage in residential and.

In order to fully understand the impact Hurricane Katrina had on the economic status of New Orleans, it is important to know the culture and economic forces driving the city. One of the city’s major ways of securing a stable economy is the fact that the city is a major tourist attraction for the United States.

Impact of hurricane katrina
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