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This section lists options that can be used to view responses. Support your perspective s with references from the required or peer-reviewed resources.

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Identify an area of life that has an impact on the environment including non-human animalsand explain how the possession or lack of virtue may make a difference to how one conducts oneself within that practice with respect to that environmental impact.

Does the evidence indicate how women's roles may have changed over time?


Your instructor will be choosing the discussion question and posting it as the first post in the main discussion forum. What are the fundamental principles of ethics? Identify a view you have—whether on politics, religion, science, culture, or even the media and entertainment—that might be regarded as being related to philosophy.

If you find none of them convincing, present your best argument against one of these proofs and why it fails to accomplish its task. Describe a circumstance in which Discussion topic 1 phi208 seems that lying might make more people happy than telling the truth.

Remember to back up your position with logical reasoning and factual evidence. Carefully review the Grading Rubric for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your assignment. Describe the ethical theory that you have studied in this course that differs the most from what you consider to be feminist ethical thinking.

On what basis do you think we should determine which types of bein. Do you think Singer is correct or incorrect on this point? Please also utilize the assignment guidance and the outlined model provide. Singer argues that there is no moral justification for denying moral consideration to animals.

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Identify and explain at least two ways in which society is structured such that men and women are treated differently and explain why this treatment is just or unjust. Do you think that being the subject of a life means that one has equal inherent value?

What are the disadvantages? Explain why you find it to be the best explanation of the way that the human mind is able to understand its world. Be sure to include logical reasoning as well as factual evidence in all your arguments.

Using at least one quote from one of the required readings, discuss the ways in which these two principles are consistent or inconsistent with each other. Referring to MacIntyre's account of practices and virtue, outline a practice in your own life that you believe requires certain virtues in order to do well.

Be sure to back up your view with logical reasoning and as much evidence as you can. Review several of your colleagues posts and respond to at least two of your peers by Cite internally with a parenthetical note and in full end reference.

What do you believe is the strongest argument against relativism that was presented the readings for the week? Yet today in America most people think that slavery is absolutely morally wrong.New Topic Start a new discussion; Welcome Mat Please Introduce yourself; Recent Discussions.

1 Replies X-Pipe and Larger Tips for the Stock Cans. Category: Topic started 1 month 2 weeks ago by Forgottenone Views: Last Post by Forgottenone 2 days 23 hours ago. 6 Replies. PHI Topic 1 Discussion Question 1 A thesis statement guides the reader to what the writer is going to say in the body of an essay.


Reply to this post with the thesis statement for your expository essay. PSY Week 1 Discussion 2 Topic for Literature Review.

PSY Week 2 Assignment Article Review Psychological Treatments and Evidence-Based Practices. PSY Week 2 Discussion 1 Analyzing Basic Applied Research. PHI PHI All Quizzes / Ethics & Moral Reasoning.

Unit2_Topic1 Discussion Topic 1: PolyPharmacy and Policy Look at case study number two, PolyPharmacy Problems, p. of Health Policy and Politics, A Nurses Guide, by Milstead. Formulate a policy to reduce the practice of multiple drug prescriptions.

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Discussion topic 1 phi208
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